Monday, October 29, 2007

CommonCraft Show on YouTube

Google Docs video by Lee LeFever

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Childhood Memories

Well, a bunch of us were talking last week about cartoons they watched as children. One favorite was "Thundercats" and here is the opening theme songs and video from YouTube.

The one I remembered (not from MY youth, but from when my boys were small, was "SuperTed". Here is the opening clip from that show.

Here's another one my kids watched "Danger Mouse". Here is the intro:

Here's "Denver the last Dinosaur"

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

YouTube Continued...

This is a video from YouTube showing one of my favorite bands "Belle and Sebastian". The song is called "Wrapped up in Books" (kind of appropriate for libraries, don't you think!)

Friday, March 23, 2007


This is a new site that a friend sent me. You can go into the site and click on all the countries that you've travelled to and it creates a map. I've been to a few places in Europe, but apparently, I've only been to 5% of the World's countries!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Week 10 Lesson 23 Summarize my thoughts

Well, I have to say that I've really enjoyed this whole experience. I did learn a lot of new things and hope to use many of them in the future. I especially liked play week, in which I discovered the comicstrip generator. I really like de.lic.ious too. Such a simple idea really, and I wish I'd known about it sooner. Each time IT reimages our computers, I had to copy all my "favorites" or risk losing them. Now, I can save them on de.lic.ious and they'll always be saved.

I think lifelong learning is something that I will always experience. Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher, but life took me in a different direction. Working in a library for the past 17 years, has given me a chance to still teach, but in a different way. It's wonderful when someone thanks you for helping them find the information they're looking for. I like it even better when I can show them how to find information on their own, especially the younger people we encounter each day. It's great too, when someone shows me new things and I thank all of you (who contributed to this project) for doing that for me.

As far as what could have been done differently, I'd say some of the directions weren't as clear as I'd hoped they would have been, but I was able to figure most things out on my own. I don't mind playing around on the different sites to see what I can find out.

I'd gladly participate in another project like this, and if I can offer a suggestion, I'd love to learn more about our databases and how to use them. I know they're full of information, but again, they're a little daunting to use.

Week 10 Lesson #22 EBooks

I went onto the SJLibrary site and checked out Safari Tech's Link. I'd had noticed this a few weeks ago, while just playing around on the site. Since I have the new IPod, I thought I'd look up information on that. The thing I liked most about this, was that I didn't even have to download the book. I just logged in with my library card and I was good to go. It let me begin reading right away! The table of contents was located in the left sidebar, so that was pretty cool. I actually found some helpful information, regarding settings on auto-updating the IPod. It recommends that you turn this feature off, so I'll be sure and let my hubby now about this too.

I will explore more, since I know we have audiobooks on the site too. Listening on my IPod will sure beat changing cassettes or CDs.